Meet the Maker

Hi there! I’m Jackie the founder of Cozy by Candles. My journey of starting a small business started in 2016; I was looking for something to fulfill my heart and distract my mind.  I was stuck in the same routine of working a 9-5pm going home and sitting on the couch hypnotized by whatever show was on tv. I was always a bit sad, unhappy, no sense of direction. I initially wanted to go to nursing school and finish that degree, work in a busy hospital and thought that would be that. I kept thinking is that all I want out of life? My boyfriend always tried to encourage me to do something for me, start something that will occupy your time and get you excited about your day he would say. One day it dawned on me, the first thing I do when I got home from work is light a candle that I bought from a big box store. I began to think why not learn to make some candles. I love candles; I literally buy them everywhere I go. And for about 11 months I learned how to make them, experimented with different essential and fragrance oils and all sorts of waxes. It gave me a purpose, literally had me jumping for joy when I figured out the perfect soy to fragrance ratio. I decided then and there that I didn’t want to go to nursing school. I wanted to pour my heart and time into making candles.



It’s hard to explain but I felt happy inside, it was like if my inner light was lit and the fire I had gave me so much happiness. I went from being a pessimist to an optimist. I had this positive air around me and it felt so good. So now I work hard so that my candles give joy to others. In November 2017 I opened shop and it’s been a roller-coaster ever since. Not one day has passed that I regret this decision. I wake up every day with excitement and purpose. I am always learning something new, and that is part of my joy! I am constantly testing the candles and fragrances I come up with so that you always get the best quality I can offer. It’s a dream to share my candles with all of you. I always encourage others to follow their dreams. Otherwise what are we doing here? I hope you enjoy what Cozy by Candles has to offer. The name speaks for itself. Get cozy next to our candle and you will be filled with love and positive light. My hope is that my small business can bring you bliss!